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talismanic herbal offerings
for magic and ritual

Hedge & Home Craft creates small batch, handmade, all natural herbal goods. Our products are rooted in our witchery, and the recipes themselves are both spirit-led and guided by traditional medicinal and magical uses.


Ritually Crafted Talismans

At Hedge & Home Craft we specialize in talismanic goods. Working with our plant & spirit allies, we imbue specific energies into our offerings through ritual designed by us for each talismanic blend. The materia holds that power until you are ready to use it for your own personal craft, whether that be ritual, spellcraft, spirit offerings, or something entirely ordinary.

We're really about the plants...​

Our passion for the offerings we create is intertwined with our passion for plants. We aim to grow as much as we can of the plant material that goes into our blends. Growing and tending to the plants we use in our own practice helps us to create deeper relationships with the spirits of these plants. We draw from these connections and the knowledge shared by our plant allies to guide our recipes and enhance the magical potency and authenticity.