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The Witches of Hedge & Home

Hedge and Home Craft is a small, wife/husband owned business independently run out of Austin, Texas. We specialize in crafting a variety of talismanic products of magical, mystical, metaphysical, or otherwise enchanting nature that draw their unique qualities from the spirits of the plants we work with. Among our offerings are herbal incenses, candles, and oils. Our recipes are all developed within our own hedge and home, and each product we make is a unique result of our ritual process and collaboration between ourselves, the plant spirits, our ancestors, and our spirit allies. 

We are animists who pursue a deeper relationship with the living, (sometimes) breathing, vastly complex world of spirit and enchantment. The core of our practice involves ancestral reverence, folk magic, and spirit work through which we honor and connect with spirits of place and the broader natural world. Our practice began under no particular tradition, but we are currently studying under all the wonderful witches of The Forest's Edge.

As we walk along and across the Hedge, we tread in the footsteps of many great witches, mystics, folk magicians, and traditional practitioners to whom we owe our gratitude for all of the guidance and inspiration we have received. It is our intention not only to share our crafts with the world, but to share what we know, and provide a platform for mutual learning. While we wily witches of the wild may often be solitary practitioners, we need not always walk alone!

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