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Each of these incenses has been created through a long process of research into traditional and historical uses of plants in witchcraft and daily life. We make deep connections to the spirits of the plants and they guide the recipes. The plants themselves teach us what their strengths are, and each of them agree to being a part of the whole blend. The incenses are created in ritual, and become a talisman for the magical intent.


Loose incense does not burn or work the same as stick or cone incense. It does not have any typical "combustible" ingredients in it that cause a stick or cone to light and stay lit. The loose incense is made of sacred tree resins and a variety of dried plant material. It needs a source of heat to burn.

We use charcoal tablets that can be found at any smoke shop or certain online stores. Light the charcoal, let it heat up, and spoon the loose incense onto it. It will burn somewhat quickly and then you can add more.

The great thing about loose incense is that you can use as much or as little as you want. If you're doing a full house cleansing, you'll probably use quite a bit of Purification Incense! If you're doing ritual or spellwork, you may only use a few spoonfuls of Offering Incense. 

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